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Hey, I’m back! Wow didn’t realize it’s been years since I last dropped a note here. COVID happened. But one of the biz also went thru the roof sales/volume wise so that kept me totally slammed for the past 2-3 years. Hopefully I’ve built enough foundation to allow myself to ease back into my other stuff this year.

However a post from Robin Sharma prompted me to come back here and drop a quick note – The 7 Trades for Human Greatness. Couldn’t agree more. He’s starting a personal improvement programme for this year so if you are into that type of thing, do check out his Facebook page.

If you have always felt encumbered by your current property lease which keeps you far too long in one place – the world after all is for us to travel – then check out this new startup ROAM who’s proposing a new way for you to lease living spaces.Roam FastCo.jpg

They are already operating in Madrid, Miami and Bali and plan to expand to 8-10 locations by 2017. They are not offering remote residential lease. They are giving us the experience of co-living with a shared community, something which is very crucial when we moved to a new place, especially one that’s far away from where we are.

Read more about them in this FastCompany write-up about ROAM.

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We never win anything by just finishing on time.
~ Jeff Patton

Jeff Patton on Finishing

Most of you would have heard of Robin Sharma. Many would have read one or two of his books. Thru one of my Facebook contacts’ sharing, I stumbled upon one of his many inspiring articles; this seems the most relevant given we are just kicking off this brand new year and everyone’s busy making resolutions to make this their best year!

My question to you: why not think bigger and make resolutions to make yours a GREAT LIFE? 😛

Allow me to share Robin’s 60 Tips for a Stunningly Great Life with you. A simple checklist of 60 things that Robin believes if we practice them every day, will help us on your way to making our life a great life!

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TedXKL 2013

July 19, 2013 — Leave a comment

When I came across this event, I’d thought I was late to the party. Glad they’ve sold only about 2/3 of their 1,500 seats. 🙂

TED is well-knowned for it’s inspiring webcast which have touched most of our lives. I like TED because it’s not a technology-centric community and you don’t get to hear just IT fellas talking on a stage (not that I’m saying IT fellas are boring).

It’s thru TED I discovered Daniel Pink and his book “DRIVE“. If you are looking for a book that explains how to drive intrinsic engagement & motivation in an individual, you should check out his book or better still, just watch this TED webcast from Daniel.

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