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QAKL is a group of QA enthusiast, started by Chong Fong Kai (2012) and they meet monthly to share anything related to Quality Assurance or Testing. Last Wed was their first gathering to kickstart 2014 and I was there to check out the crowd and explore how MYOB could contribute to this community.

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Agile Malaysia (Facebook) is a meetup group started by Andy Kelk back in 2011 (when he was at iProperty). It went through a hiatus in 2012 until I met up with Andy to discuss about kickstarting this meetup group again.

Our rationale and purpose behind reactivating this group is simple; as proponents of the Agile (& Lean) movement as the approach to build high performing software development team, both of us understood in order to have a talent pool of Agile developers in the local market (and to grow this talent pool), we first have to start a community of practice of likeminded individuals to engage in a process of collective sharing & learning of each other’s experience along the AGILE journey.

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Self-organized Kaizen

September 23, 2013 — Leave a comment

While “self-organized team” is a well-known Agile concept that’s very much sought after, having teams that truly self-organized do require often a mindset change from both the team members and their manager.

Usually that means getting the team to self-manage the backlog, work out the task dependencies among themselves, pull through issues together as a cross-functional team etc. I’m sure you have read enough about getting teams to self-organize in their delivery work. But what about self-organizing outside of the delivery process?

Let me share with you some recent initiatives taken with the team where they practice their own self-organization outside of an Agile delivery team.

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Been close to half a year since I took on this new job. They have a Purple theme and somehow it reminded me of Seth’s PURPLE COW book which was one fascinating read years ago.

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